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September 20, 2017

I am today launching MaîtreCoderre.com which, based on my 30 years of multidisciplinary experience, seeks to communicate value-added legal information to our leaders of society, our influencers, and our business managers.

Legal information is at our fingertips. But this ease of access can be unsatisfying, even dangerous, knowing that on-line information is not filtered and may thus not be current or accurate.

MaîtreCoderre.com is several information channels, always communicating useful information on a foundation of rigor, at times incorporating a flavor of entertainment.

In addition, since the full value of information is gained from putting it to practice, at least so in the business world, MaîtreCoderre.com is also a platform for legal solutions.

You will notice in our information channels that, as law is the basis for everything, we often move beyond the strictures of technical law to address broader policy issues.

In short, MaîtreCoderre.com seeks to communicate legal information practically and pleasantly, and thereby contribute to knowledge, wealth and progress.

I am today launching MaîtreCoderre.com without video and podcast content. This content will be progressively released as of the beginning of October 2017.

MaîtreCoderre.com is thus being launched on the light side, because I felt I needed to urgently publish my comments on this summer`s small business tax  proposals given the widespread degree of dissatisfaction in their regard (see the Publications page).



Commentary and analysis on hot button issues.


The pursuit of progress commands that our leaders, influencers and business managers be in possession of reliable, commented and useful information.

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